Belsun Solares

Moisturizing Milk Protect & Tan SPF 30


The hydration+ protective milk with SPF 30 is rated as "Excellent" in the Yuka App. Its formula is 100% Clean Beauty! This protector combines:

Effective protection against UVA-UVB rays with broad-spectrum, photostable, water-resistant filters to protect the skin in all types of situations.

A reinforced, intense, immediate and long-lasting moisturizing action thanks to the synergy of vegetable glycerin and patented sugars. enriched with:

Aquaxyl: an active ingredient of natural origin with long-lasting moisturizing power.

Monoï de Tahiti: a moisturizing active ingredient of natural origin for soft and hydrated skin.

A green formula in the Yuka App. A Clean Beauty formula, without controversial ingredients.

Formulated under dermatological control for sensitive skin.

Formulated under pharmaceutical control.

A sensory formula: a fluid, transparent texture, it is not sticky, nor does it form a greasy layer on the skin.

The skin is protected, hydrated and wrapped in a delicious perfume from the islands.




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