Pack Day Routine

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To have hydrated and luminous skin throughout the day you have to follow our day routine. You will get results!

Follow this routine and get radiant skin:

  • Natural Mineral Clean Micellar Water 150 ml with sea water, lemon water and natural Edelweiss extract, help you cleanse your skin by providing the necessary minerals to achieve a super silky face.
  • Serum Booster 30 ml with a large amount of hyaluronic acid of vegetable origin that will help you recover the hydration and elasticity of your skin. Its soft aroma of orange will leave you very relaxed.
  • Eye Sorbet 15 ml contour with four essential components to reduce your bags immediately: hyaluronic acid, white flower essence, avena sativa extract and vitamin F to deeply hydrate.
  • Radiance Superdefense Day Cream 60ml Light cream that accompanied by the serum, helps you achieve uniform and smooth skin. In addition to hyaluronic acid, it contains a lot of Vitamin C so that it brings light and luminosity to your face.

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